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Devoted to ITV's 'Lewis', starring Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox
This community is for the ITV crime drama Lewis, starring Kevin Whately as DI Robbie Lewis and Laurence Fox as DS James Hathaway.

Just a few rules and notices:

1. Your mods are denorios and rene_starko - we don’t bite, I promise. If you have any questions or problems, we can be reached via our respective journals.
2. NO flaming or wank. This is a friendly community and there’s no reason why we can’t all play nicely.
3. This is a slash-friendly community, so see Rule #2 above.
4. The LJ-cut is your friend. Please use it. All fanfic, large images and posts containing spoilers must be placed behind a cut. Time limit for spoilers is three months from UK airdate.
5. Whilst this community is primarily for Lewis, posts pertaining to Inspector Morse are welcome, as long as they retain some relevance to Lewis. A fanfic about Lewis and Morse set in Lewis’ time period is acceptable, pre-Lewis (ie. Inspector Morse's time-period) is not.
6. Any posts containing copyrighted material – vids, fanmixes, etc. must be friends-locked.
7. All fanfic must contain rating and content information in the header outside of the cut.
8. Please use the tags provided. It makes it easier to search for posts if we have set tags rather than a variety. If you feel we've missed something or a new tag is required, just let us know.
9. If you want feel free to introduce yourself when you join, using the form below:

Favourite Character:
Favourite Pairing:
Favourite Episode:
Other Fandoms:
About Me:

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